Antique Glass

Laminated Glass

We stock Seedy Glass and have access to numerous types of antique glass by Spectrum and Bullseye. Most antique glass types cannot be tempered and therefore cannot be used in applications where the building code requires safety glazing. However, laminating antique glass gives you the ability to use it in doors and any application requiring safety glazing. Add a color to the laminated antique glass and you have safety glass with flair.

Laminated antique glass can also be mated to tempered glass creating insulated glass units for exterior door applications.

  • Annealed
  • Acid Etched
  • Laminated

  • Glass lites from 18" up to 14"
  • Laminated assemblies from 14" to 12"

  • 0.030"
  • 0.045"
  • 0.060"

  • Varying levels of opacity based on material selection

Our sizes for antique laminated assemblies range from 4" x 4" up to 24" x 48".
Maximum size is dependent upon glass lite selected.

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