Terms and Conditions


  • All quoted prices are based on the information you have provided us at the time of quoting. Any changes that affect lead times, cutting yields, project performance dates, project volumes, etc may require a price adjustment
  • Final shape charges will be determined upon receipt of details supplied at time of ordering
  • Glenny Glass will guarantee quotations for 60 days unless otherwise specified

Booking and Ordering:

  • A booking order must e signed before Glenny Glass orders any raw materials.
  • All non-stock raw materials will be pre-ordered based on the volumes indicated in the booking order. Any change in product type or volumes will result in a charge back to the customer.
  • Purchase orders must be placed for all glass releases. The purchase order must include reference to the booking order number, or the project name
  • Confirmation will be sent for each purchase order. Review the delivery date to ensure the site will be ready to receive the order on that date. Orders held at shipping may incur additional charges.
  • Glenny Glass products are covered by a limited warranty. Which is available upon request
  • Energy surcharge is effective for the quarter the order is placed


  • Pricing is valid for the performance dates indicated. Any change in performance dates may result in pricing adjustment
  • Pricing is quoted at the volumes indicated. Glenny Glass reserves the right to adjust pricing if volumes are not met.
  • All pricing is calculated by rounding sizes up to the next even inch (block size), with the exception of all shapes and templates, which depending on glass thickness, will have 2 to 6 inches added to the block size.
  • All prices are plus current quarterly surcharge.
  • Charges for set-up are based upon release, any additional releases will result in added set-up cost.
  • Applicable taxes will be added to each invoice.
  • All edgework and fabrication are extra unless indicated on the quotation


  • All units are dual sealed with butyl and poly-sulfide except as indicated on booking order and all subsequent purchase orders
  • ICD opaci-coat is not recommended for vision areas
  • Resin lamination is not recommended for exposed edge application due to a 1⁄4" trim around the perimeter.
  • If fall out protection is required on spandrel glass, it must be specified at the time of quoting and on each subsequent purchase order
  • Unless otherwise specified, roll wave distortion will run parallel to the width of the glass. Sizes on purchase orders are assumed to be width x height, as per the industry standard. EXCEPTION, Any glass requiring heat treatment that is over 84" wide or less than 14" high will be rotated and will no longer have the roller wave pattern that is parallel to the width. If distortion is of concern Glenny
  • Glass recommends the viewing of a full size mock-up before the order is processed.
  • Technical bulletins are available discussing distortion and other common issues upon request.
  • Glenny Glass shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in glass specifications

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